Instructor Glen Williams

Instructor Glen Williams

Glen Williams Main Instructor
Glen has had 23 years in the Drilling Industry. Following his career in the Oil & Gas Industry, Glen took an instructing position with Enform (formerly PITS) for the next 11 years.

Glen has worked all the positions from Roughneck to Drilling Consultant throughout his career.

Glen has drilled wells from 800m to 7000m in Canada, the Arctic, USA and the Middle East.
He has drilled with Air, Nitrogen, Foam, Mist and Inverter, Cutter D and Diesel. On many he dealt with complete Underbalanced Horizontal Sweet and Sour Gas and Oil Wells. Glen has extensive experience with Sloughing Shales, Deviation Problems, Stuck Pipe and Mud Weights in excess of 18 P.P.G and High Concentrations of H2S

Glen teaches with immense experience and a wealth of knowledge.


Mr. Williams has over 11 years of experience instructing different levels of courses for all the different levels of oilfield personnel, from the basic Floorhands to Drillers to Drilling Engineers, Consultants, Managers and Supervisors.

Mr. Williams has successfully instructed over 7500 students to date.

Mr. Williams Instructs from both practical as well as formal educational experience.

Mr. Williams instructing repertoire consists of the following 18 different courses he teaches nationally and abroad are:

  • Fundamentals of Well Control
  • IWCF Well Control
  • IADC WellCAP
  • 1st Line Well Control
  • 2nd Line Well Control
  • Drillers Upgrade
  • Drilling Operations
  • Stuck Pipe Freeing Techniques
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Special Firefighting Techniques
  • Fall Protection & Rig Rescue
  • Pre-employment Floor Hand Training
  • H2S Alive
  • Red Cross First Aid
  • TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)
  • IADC Rig Pass

Mr. Glen Williams also has extensive experience in special course creation. A few of his accomplishments are:

Created Fundamentals of Well Control for oilfield insurance industry companies such as Lloyd's of London, etc. (underwriters, agents and lawyers who handle blowout insurance and court cases.

Developed the Rig Technician apprenticeship program which is now the Canadian Oilfield standard.

Glen developed a test bank of 500 drilling questions now used across Canada (Canadian Red Seal Certification)

Spearheaded the 3-year Rig Technician apprenticeship program framework.

Developed the 3-year Rig Technician program content (now oilfield standard)

Implemented the program and instructed the Rig Technician year 1,2 & 3 pilot courses in Alberta and British Columbia.

Wrote, compiled and developed more than 120 training books used in the 3-year Rig Technician college apprenticeship program.

Created and developed comprehensive competency training programs for company's national and international operations.

Developed a deep-water offshore HSE drilling course for an international offshore drilling company.